DC-09 Universal Transmitter

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A developer can build and send DC-09 UDP or TCP messages across a network using this PC tool.  Messages may optionally be encrypted using the 128 bit AES encryption (with block chaining) that is specified in the DC-09 standard.  Using data for fields that the user specifies, the tool builds a correct DC-09 packet, applies the correct CRC according to the DC-07 specification and transmits the message to a receiver.  The response from the receiver is displayed and decrypted if necessary.


  • select TCP or UDP transport for DC-09 messages
  • configurable destination IP address and port
  • accepts user-supplied 128 bit encryption key
  • encrypts messages when ID token specifies encrypted format (*)
  • accepts user input for all defined message fields, including:


  • reduces testing time by allowing messages to be sent on demand, rather than buying and configuring a panel and getting it to send messages
  • allows experimentation with a variety of message transmission types to select the best for your application
  • reduces field issues, by allowing a full set of messages to be transmitted, rather than just those your available panel can send
  • reduces rework by providing a stable reference implementation of the DC-09 standard
    • ID token
    • sequence number
    • receiver number
    • account prefix
    • account number
    • message data
    • extended data
    • timestamp
  • automatically inserts padding characters (fixed to “p” for testing) when needed
  • default values are provided for all message fields
  • default data is provided for a variety of ID token selections
  • application calculates message length and DC-07 CRC
  • accepts reply message and displays it in ASCII format (and decrypts it if needed)