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DC-09 Standard Updated

In January 2018, DC-09 was updated to add an implementation recommendation in annex F: “Note: It is recommended that the communicator maintain a timebase for message timestamps that is independent of premises equipment times used for other functions (e.g. door control schedules). This prevents a compromised central station receiver from affecting the time base used

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Discontinued Products

To ensure that we can provide top-quality support for tools we sell, we have discontinued our demo receiver tool, the Fibro Analyzer and the Fibro transmitter.  Please note that the DC-09 analyzers continue to provide a great way to emulate a receiver for development purposes.

New Online DC-09 Message Generator

North Latitude has provided a free tool that allows you to encode SIA DC-09 messages, and inspect the resulting message.  This tool allows you to confirm your messages send by your product are encoded correctly and can be accepted by a conforming DC-09 receiver.  To try the tool, click on the heading, above to open

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DC-09 Universal Transmitter Tool

Create and send DC-09 messages, including with AES-128 encryption.  This tool, written by the author of DC-09, provides a reference implementation for developers of products that use the DC-09 IP reporting protocol.  Available in executable and source code versions, you can use a PC to send arbitrary messages.