North Latitude offers tools to speed development of security/fire IP event reporting protocols

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North Latitude offers a wide range of services: from full custom development to basic support.

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DC-09 Standard Updated

In January 2018, DC-09 was updated to add an implementation recommendation in annex F: “Note: It is recommended that the communicator maintain a timebase for message timestamps that is independent of premises equipment times used for other functions (e.g. door control schedules). This prevents a compromised central station receiver from affecting the time base used

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Discontinued Products

To ensure that we can provide top-quality support for tools we sell, we have discontinued our demo receiver tool, the Fibro Analyzer and the Fibro transmitter.  Please note that the DC-09 analyzers continue to provide a great way to emulate a receiver for development purposes.

New Online DC-09 Message Generator

North Latitude has provided a free tool that allows you to encode SIA DC-09 messages, and inspect the resulting message.  This tool allows you to confirm your messages send by your product are encoded correctly and can be accepted by a conforming DC-09 receiver.  To try the tool, click on the heading, above to open

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DC-09 Universal Transmitter Tool

Create and send DC-09 messages, including with AES-128 encryption.  This tool, written by the author of DC-09, provides a reference implementation for developers of products that use the DC-09 IP reporting protocol.  Available in executable and source code versions, you can use a PC to send arbitrary messages.

DC-09 TCP Analyzer Tool

This PC application accepts TCP messages from a network, validates checksums and returns ACK or NAK to the originating communicator as appropriate.  Incoming messages are parsed, showing individual fields and HEX values for messages.  It is intended to assist with implementing a product that will send DC-09 protocol. This gives teams several benefits, including: saves

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